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> Die Motive sind gesammelt, der Maler bekennt Farbe.
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> Landscape Behind The Landscape
> Che Luis Sammer non aspiri all'interpretazione e nemmeno alle "reinterpretazione"
> "Der zufällige Blick genügt nicht" -- Luis Sammer im Gespräch

Landscape Behind The Landscape

It is not a copied landscape or a topographical reproduction of the visible that a landscape leaves in me, but rather the painted transposition of the inner vision of these impressions. Even tough my work is done on the spot, I avoid facing the subjects of my painting, so that it doesn't confuse the pictures in my head and soul. It is an entry into a new, internal landscape, a search for more reality, far away from usual outer appearances, a removal of outer layers, piece by piece, in order to brush away externalities, to come to the real meaning of a landscape and, at the same time, to place myself in the midst of the tension between reality and abstraction.

All paintings drive from landscape. They are created in the permanent dialogue between the real world and what I crate out of it. Each feature of what has already happened and which has been fixed in paint, motivates me to view what has already been seen from changed perspectives. That which has not yet been discovered grows simultaneously with an ever increasing familiarity with the object. And the unknown still outweighs any reality beyond the concrete image. The conscious completion of the painting process does not mean for me that my subject has been exhausted formally and content wise. It is rather the documentation of inner discipline, asceticism of the mortal without a reduction of creative desire. This simply means that not the composition as such as been completed, but that as a painter I have reached an end with a picture. I have nothing more essential to add...

--- Luis Sammer

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